Why do I need to have my jewellery valued?

If your items are covered by precise and up to date valuations, in the unfortunate event of theft or loss, your piece can be replaced like for like. In a fluctuating market and with so many methods of manufacture, your items need to be carefully inspected, measured and described. This not only ensures your item can be exactly replicated, it also provides proof of ownership. 

Why use a Registered Valuer?

The rigorous study and annual updating of education is why a NCJV registered valuer is recognised in Australia. Each valuer has to have gemmology and diamond grading diplomas plus a minimum of four years of experience in the jewellery trade to be able to qualify as a valuer. The high and continuing standard of education is what a consumer needs to accurately grade, price and

describe your precious items of jewellery.

How often should valuations be updated?

Brisbane Jewellery Valuers recommened having your items updated every two to three years.  We recommend this time frame to ensure

  • that in the event of loss or theft, your precious items are able to be replaced with comparable gemstones/diamonds etc incase of price increases. 

  • that in the case of market fluctuations your insurance premiums are sufficient

  • and to take note of any possible damage or repairs that your item may need

What does valuing an item involve?

Each valuation is performed with a methodical, scientific approach. There is a multitude of equipment used in observing and testing each part of the item as well as the valuer’s extensive training and experience, to give an accurate outcome.
Each valuation should come with the following information:

  • The owners name

  • The market the item is being valued in (see types of valuations)

  • A description of the item (including sizes and measurements)

  • The technical merits of the item (stone size, grade and quantity)

  • A gram weight 

  • A clear photograph (or more if the item has identifying characteristics from different angles)

  • A replacement value written in numerals and words

  • Currency exchange rates 

  • A daily gold price